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EarningEdge is an educational platform committed to enhancing financial literacy and fostering the understanding of financial concepts. Our focus is on empowering individuals and organizations through comprehensive employee financial wellness programs and curriculum.

Many employees may experience unexpected bills, little or no savings, and the need to take a second job, all factors that can lead to financial stress. These worries compound even further due to a lack of financial knowledge or a basic understanding of financial matters, such as debt, savings, credit concerns, or simply their 401k plans.


We provide web based and in person financial education, personalized financial coaching, and engaging financial education workshops, helping both the individual and the organization.  When employees have their finances in order and have established a better understanding, they not only feel confident about themselves, they often feel better about their employer are in a better position to put their energy and focus on work, be more engaged, and stay productive.

EarningEdge is a platform where dreams become financial goals and financial goals become achievements.


Dream it, believe it, achieve it!  

Learn how we can improve your employee's and organizational  financial wellness!

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