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Please enjoy some past episodes from my days as radio show host of “Everything Cha-Ching” covering various financial topics. Also, some articles I have authored and contributed too per various media outlets


4 ways to stop stressing about money, according to a financial adviser

I've long held the position that even though we live in one of the wealthiest, most financially blessed countries ever, as a society, we also live a life of serious financial stress.

I often joke that it's probably less stressful to live in the rain forests of South America, hunting and gathering, than to live in our modern, tech-savvy society, paycheck to paycheck.


How to Cover Your Assets With Life Insurance

One of the most effective ways to cover your assets (family and finances) is to acquire the right type and amount of life insurance. Many of us don’t like to think or talk about death. Let’s face it ... it is an uncomfortable topic so we sweep it under the rug or put off that sort of planning. Discussing mortality isn’t pleasant, but it is one the most important aspects of financial planning and shouldn’t go unexamined.


Gen Xers: Are You Financially Ready for Retirement?

It is no secret that Generation X is considered a lost generation, a step-child of sorts, highlighted by the fact that we are the first generation to grow up with a lesser standard of living than our parents. Although we are overshadowed by the population and impact of the Baby Boomers and the entrepreneurship of the tech-savvy Millennials, we do possess our own identity, as eloquently highlighted in a recent Forbes article titled “The Undetected Influence of Generation X.”