Ok, its practically Spring, which means vacation time is just around the corner.  We all work very hard, so it’s time to make plans to play hard!  With a few simple adjustments and some creativity, saving for vacation can be a little easier on the budget, and sometimes, even fun!


1)   Choose the right spot—It should go without saying, but being honest with yourself and choosing an enjoyable, yet affordable destination is very important.  If you’re contemplating going to Milan and are still working on saving your 3-6 month emergency fund, then that probably isn’t right strategy.

2)   All Inclusive Trip- Speaking of the right destination, this is a pretty crafty way to save money.  Most get-aways of this type usually help keep costs down because your food and beverages are already taken care of.

3)   Getting rid of unwanted stuff- This is one of my favorite ways to generate some cash flow.  Preparing for a garage sale isn’t fun, but man is it effective.  It’s a great way to make a few hundred bucks, and if you’re a pack rat like me, create some extra space at the house too!!  Talk about the win…win!

4)   My beloved side hustle- Picking up that extra gig on the side is something to consider.  You probably know by now, I am a huge side hustle proponent!  Uber, temporary or pa art-time slot, maybe even babysit.  Ok, maybe not the latter, but find something you enjoy and worth your time to help generate some extra cha-ching!

5)   Who needs cable or internet?  Well, actually, I do.  But, one strategy is to eliminate some extras in your budget.  Granted, this one takes some discipline, but if your looking to save a few hundred bucks, this is definitely a place to trim some fat!

6)   Be social at home- If we calculated how much we spent per month on Starbucks, pizza, movies, dining with friends, spas, and/or golf, I’m confident we would pass out.  Eliminate any combination of these items, or all of them for the truly driven, and watch the money pile up in savings account.

7)   Keep the change- This may be the least effective of the seven, but throwing your everyday pocket change into a container will definitely add up.  My daughters and I throw our spare change in a collective shoebox.  On a day of boredom, we counted it, and had over $100. 


            These are some different ways that will help you save some pennies here and there for that big’16 vacation!  While saving for your get-away, don’t neglect continued progress toward the emergency fund, 3-6 months of your monthly living expenses.  I hope these ideas help. Ifyou employ any of them, let me know how they worked out for you, would love to hear your stories!  Until next time, bon voyage!!